Beauty Bark by Student Work Services
Student Work Services is a start up company for teenagers to learn business and leadership skills while providing a valuable service that connects them to their community. We will deliver the bark of your choosing and then spread it in the specified locations for all types of properties.

Available mulch

Benefits and pricing

  • It helps to prevent the growth of weeds by slowing weed germination and smothering existing weeds.
  • It keeps soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer to maintain a more even soil temperature.
  • Helps to prevent erosion from the frequent rains of the northwest.
  • Improved soil structure from bark decay to promote plant growth.
  • Adds beauty to your garden with even color tones to highlight plant life.

  • 1-2 cubic yards = $90/yard
  • 3-5 cubic yards =$80/yard
  • 6-8 cubic yards = $70/yard
  • 9+ cubic yards = $65/yard

One cubic yard of bark covers 162 square feet, 2 inches deep. Payment will be collected on delivery.

One Yard Covers:
1/4" deep 1280 sq. ft
1" deep 324 sq. ft
2" deep 162 sq. ft
3" deep 108 sq. ft
4" deep 81 sq. ft

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